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Meltblown Production Machine

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Meltblown Production Machine

Most of the machines in the market are of the Vertical-type, which has high initial set-up cost, takes up large space and is not optimized for the Hong Kong market.

We specially designed the Horizontal-type, with special raw material formulation and parameter tuning, making it suitable to produce high-quality fabrics with lower initial investment cost and minimum space and power requirements.

Process Flow Chart

Process Flow Diagram

Special Features

We designed the Meltblown Machinery Model MBHK01 to ensure stable supply of high quality meltblown. Our special features include:

Team Capability

With the experience of our core management team with PhDs in Chemistry and over 20 years of engineering experience as Chemical and Mechanical Engineers, Pure Living Inc developed Model MBHK01 in collaboration with Prof Hu Jinlian from City University of Hong Kong already achieving ASTM Level 1 quality meltblown.

With our continued collaboration with CityU, Professor Jinlian Hu is working with the team to achieve higher quality meltblown satisfying ASTM Level 2 and above.

Business Opportunity

The global demand of the meltblown fiber has increased significantly with the onset of COVID-19. The world needs lots of face masks currently, and the number is expected to increase in the future. Meltblown fabric is already becoming more and more popular in the medical and filter industries due to the fabric’s ability to produce microfibers.

Meltblown fabric has a wide range of applications, including:

High quality meltblown will have an increasing demand in the market with its characteristics such as softness, porosity and rigidity. The future of meltblown fabrics is certain to be a bright one.

A recent news from Taiwan shows that the price of high quality meltblown will be soaring.

Mask Manufacturer
With the premium quality melt blown, you can
  • Maintain the consistency of the raw material (melt blown) during production
  • Achieve the international standard (ASTM,EN standard) face masks without any doubt
  • Sharply reduce the production cost and eliminate logistics cost
  • Ensure constant supply of the raw material and eliminate any backlogs due to trade restrictions or raw material shortage
Produce your premium quality meltblown and sell your product at competitive market prices

Global Distributors

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